Our Motto

For limitless possibilities to meet your needs
When you open a new notebook-
you feel excited. What will be written on the white page? What will be expressed by
writing on it?
When you learn, think, and communicate-
it will be filled with your passion into a notebook. You discover the world of creation with a notebook. We Vardhman Industries have been making our efforts toward producing good quality notebooks for more than 90 years. To cultivate your wisdom and creativity, we continue to produce good quality notebooks also make incessant efforts in product development to answer your needs.
As our company pride to supply reliable & good products
We have strict process management and consistently make efforts toward safety
of the products. As concerns of safety of products, we have well-managed control of our facilities and materials. If the needle is damaged or broken, we conduct total inspection to check contamination. For the domestic factory products, they have Quality mark on them with regulations as it is our philosophy "Reliable & Good Quality".